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House of Chimera



Working with House of Chimera to design and develop a landing page. House of Chimera makes complex financial and cryptocurrency jargon easy by accessible and comprehensive research reports for the global cryptocurrency industry.

The Goal

House of Chimera already is an authority on cryptocurrency analyses and grows as a community on social media. It was the right time for the company to spread its wings and conquer the online spectrum. It was time to make an online presence with a professional website made by Toughmonkey.

The process

House of Chimera had a clear vision of what the site needed to look like. The keywords here were "clean, reliable, and simplistic'.

The goal of the landing page is to show instantly the visitors what House of Chimera stands for. We decided on a bold and big header and made the rest of the sections simplistic but still elegant. The first section after the header (with the title: “our research papers are used by cryptocurrency”) needed some real spark and we decided on a typewriter effect on the last word. Also for the different reports, we decided on a moving slide show with the logos of the company’s.

We decided to build the website on the three pillars (clean, simplistic, and reliable). The vision of the website should project these pillars on the user.

To keep it clean we decided to cut back on animations and too flashy colors. We decided to go with the brand color on the logo and use shades and accents. The animations that we used are simple and just some attention grabbers. (I have to admit I can sometimes go wild with animations).

In the second pillar (reliable) we keep the content on the home page minimal and easy to digest for the user. Also, we didn't want to shove the homepage full of information but keeping it simple with what the user can expect of House of Chimera.

And for the last pillar (simplistic) we wanted to make a website that looks and feels reliable. We achieved this to be simplistic. To keep it simple the website radiates an aura of trust. No hidden messages and to the point.

Under the hood, there is a blog system in place. We decided to go with a blog because House of Chimera writes reports about cryptocurrency and wants the reports to display on their site. So, to keep it easy maintainable House of Chimera didn’t want to dive into the code and hard code the blogs. An easy-to-use blog system was in place to fit his needs.


For the blog system, I decided to go with the JAM stack. It’s easy to install and I love the customization. For the CMS we chose the Netlifly CMS and hosted the site on Netlifly. I wrote the CSS in SASS to organize and maintain the code a lot better. I decided to template code the whole lot in Nunjucks. It works so well with the JAM stack and it makes it again a lot more organized, maintainable, and scalable.