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Pink Alpaca



For all sorts of cute crochet products and for crochet blogs deserves a beautiful website. Pink Alpaca is just starting out and wants a site to show the cute products and blogs. This was a fine job for Thoughmonkey and I already had a website in mind.

The goal

This website is all about crochet and everything between crochet. All of the content is going to be blogs, so we needed a smooth blog site with an easy-to-customize CMS (content manager system). Also, the blogs needed to be easy to sort, so I decided to use a tag system. This system sorts all of the blogs with the same tags on a different page. To make this all happen I decided to use the JAM-stack, Eleventy, and the Netlify CMS.

The process

We already had an overall picture of what the website should look like. Keep it simple and don’t overwhelm the user with lots and lots of information on the front page. Pink Alpaca didn’t have a logo so we talked to a designer and sent him some rough pictures to sketch up a cool-looking alpaca.

We couldn’t decide on our color palette and the fonts. We just couldn’t decide what was best but eventually decided on a bold handwriting font for the headers and a plain basic font for the text. The colors were a soft tone and a must was that it was easy on the eyes and did not strain the user’s eyes too much.

The overall layout of the site was a basic approach of a blog and we made different categories for the posts to stand out. The blog is all in Dutch so the main categories are roughly translated: “featured”, “latest” and all the blogs. On top of the website, there are three large buttons that will show you all the blogs in their categories.

And at last but not least we included a personal about page with some background information about the owner of the website and a contact page.


For the blog system I choose once again for the simplicity, but powerful, JAM-stack. I’m familiar with this system and I could quickly make a blog website out of it. With the JAM-stack I choose to write the CSS in SASS and the templating languege Nunjucks.